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Joanne Masding

Flimsy Signals is an installation made for Bruntwood’s Cornerblock building.

Comprising translucent fabric panels draped across sculpted copper hooks, the work borrows the movements of the buildings inhabitants and flows around the architecture of the space.

Images of textured hands shift across lightweight animation frames creating gestures that unfold across the walls. These moving hands act out basic forms of non-verbal exchange and ambiguous communication.

The work has three versions of printed panels – a variety of seasons presenting different movements, surfaces and tones – that will be installed on rotation. Flimsy Signals joins the community of Cornerblock inhabitants, using and moving through the building alongside them.

Flimsy Signals was commissioned by Bruntwood as part of their ongoing support for artists from the region. The commission was carried out in collaboration with Grand Union.

Images courtesy Patrick Dandy.