A teaching collection is a useful thing
This new display is ten years old
This canopic jar is from around 1000BC
Consider the librarianship of a collection
Made at the beginning of the last century
There were digs in Droitwich and Alcester
We've acquired very few things since the war
Here's a sherd from the geometric period, the period of Homer’s Iliad
The epics came into being at the same time as these ceramics
The head of Nero on a coin tells how he chose to be portrayed

a bronze mirror


Dr. Ken Wardle

1. shard

Putting fingers where others have been
Feeling relief of a line through nitrile gloves
Getting the weight
Knowing relative to body - not knowing numbers
Tilting to let light into corners
Sniffing ancient particles

Hand to eyeball with thing in between

An archeological dig in the Lybian desert