image music text
Andrew Gillespie, Andrew Lacon, Joanne Masding
IMT, London
2 September - 16 October

Works by Andrew Gillespie, Andrew Lacon and Joanne Masding come together in an invitation to present a show realised as an eponymous exhibition. IMAGE MUSIC TEXT is an exhibition by Division of Labour at IMT gallery with artists making work through the merging of ideas, methods and material across disciplines. This collaborative project could be thought of as exhibition-making as a process of mining in which construction materials are, through an efficient division of labour, organised or redefined as image, music and text:

image, music and text as aggregates photo-copied, torn-out, ripped-off / the stock is marble, broken concrete, holograms and polythene clouds / pop music and high renaissance excavated from seams of educational documentation… veins of NME… lodes of museum catalogues / antiquity scoured and frack’d.

Slabs and Facsimiles (1), 2016
(far right)
Plaster, steel

New Rehang (series 1), 2016
(top left)
Pages from book 'The British Museum' hand erased using a rubber, mahogany frame