Feeney Fellow 2016-17
With John Feeney Charitable Trust

Feeney Fellowships provide bursaries to offer the opportunity to bring new skills, expertise and knowledge into artists' practices, to support practice development.

metalworking skills, metalworking courses, hands-on experience, new processes, techniques, tools, investment, equipment, materials, studio practice, value, acquisition, producing objects, museums, display mechanisms, metals, armatures, stands, display structures, bending, joining methods, sculptural structures, functional structures, functional sculptures, research, technical skills, fabrication, guidance, industry standards, protective kit, hand tools, finishing metals, experimentation, copper tube, cut sheet aluminium, metal planes, transforming, sculptural objects, welding for artists, copper sheet, London Sculpture Workshop, patinas, annealing, quenching, brazing, beating, angle grinder

Beaten, brazed and annealed copper sheet

Folded aluminium sheet with photo paper

Welded mild steel

Raised copper bowls

Bent copper hooks

Brazed copper tubes